Project Studies

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05-Oct-2011 Botswana - Botswana Wastewater Reuse and Water Harvesting For Irrigation Study
30-Sep-2011 Liberia - Grant Support to Retain High Level Professors at the A.M. Dogliotti Colege of Medicine Project - Project Report
20-Jan-2011 Guinea-Mali - Electricity Interconnection Study
01-Dec-2010 DRC-Congo - Study on the Ouesso-Bangui-Ndjamena Road and Inland Navigation on the Congo, Oubangui and Sangha Rivers - Project Study
25-Nov-2010 Rwanda - Livestock Infrastructure Support Programme - Advance Payment from the Project Preparation Financing Facility (PPF)
22-Sep-2010 Namibia - Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Design and Master Plans for the Namibia Airport
26-Apr-2010 Morocco - Study to Design a Programme to Strengthen and Repair the Protective Structures of Seven Ports (Nador, Al Hoceima, Tangiers, Mohammedia, Safi, Casa And Agadir) - Project Study
21-Apr-2010 Tunisia - Health Services Export Strategy Development Study Under the Ressources of the Middle-Income Countries Technical Trust Fund - Project Study
26-Jan-2010 Tunisia - Study on the Development of the Health Services Export Strategy - Project Study
26-Jan-2010 Tunisia - North and East Greater Tunis Flood Protection Study - Project Study
26-Jan-2010 Mauritius - The Mauritius Wastewater Master Plan Study - Project Study
26-Jan-2010 Cameroon - The Batchenga-Yoko-Tibati-Ngaoundere Road Study - Project Study
25-Jan-2010 Uganda - Improvement of Health Services at Mulago National Referral Hospital and the City of Kampala - Project Preparation Facility
25-Jan-2010 Madagascar - Lower Mangoky Irrigated Area Rehabilitation and Extension Project - Phase II - Project Preparation Financing Mechanism (PPF)
21-Nov-2009 Liberia - Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Support to the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, (TCB-LEITI) - Project Report
02-Nov-2009 Cameroon - Batchenga-Ngaoundere Road Study - Project Study
03-Dec-2008 Multinational - Study on the Road - Rail Bridge Between Kinshasa and Brazzaville and the Kinshasa - Ilebo Railroad
01-Dec-2006 Multinational - SADC North - South Corridor Improvement Study