Project Studies

24-Apr-2014 Angola-Mozambique - Gas Monetization for Economic Development - Project Study - Full Report
12-Feb-2014 Liberia - Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH) Program Development - Project Study
27-Jan-2014 Guinea - Instituional Support for the National Water Point Management Service (SNAPE) - Project Study
22-Oct-2013 South Sudan - Small and Medium Towns Water Supply and Sanitation - Feasibility Study and Detailed Design
11-Oct-2013 Cameroon-Chad - Electricity Interconnection - Project Study
04-Oct-2013 Benin - Ouémé Valley Agricultural Infrastructure Support - Project Preparation Financing (PPF)
04-Oct-2013 Tunisia - Road Safety Strategy - Project Study
12-Jul-2013 Sao Tome and Principe - The Preparation of the National Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme by 2030 - Project Study
10-Apr-2013 Zambia - Preparation Activities of the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project - Project Preparation Facility
20-Mar-2013 Liberia - Grant Support for Institutional development and Capacity Building to Governance Commission Project - Project Report
15-Feb-2013 Djibouti - National Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme by 2030 - Project Study
11-Jul-2012 Madagascar - Bas-Mangoky Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation and Extension - Project Prepration Facility
08-Feb-2012 CAR - Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Support Project II - Project Prepration Facility
14-Dec-2011 Seychelles - LA Gogue Water Supply - Project Study
20-Jan-2011 Guinea-Mali - Electricity Interconnection Study
01-Dec-2010 DRC-Congo - Study on the Ouesso-Bangui-Ndjamena Road and Inland Navigation on the Congo, Oubangui and Sangha Rivers - Project Study
22-Sep-2010 Namibia - Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Design and Master Plans for the Namibia Airport
26-Apr-2010 Morocco - Study to Design a Programme to Strengthen and Repair the Protective Structures of Seven Ports (Nador, Al Hoceima, Tangiers, Mohammedia, Safi, Casa And Agadir) - Project Study
21-Apr-2010 Tunisia - Health Services Export Strategy Development Study Under the Ressources of the Middle-Income Countries Technical Trust Fund - Project Study
26-Jan-2010 Cameroon - The Batchenga-Yoko-Tibati-Ngaoundere Road Study - Project Study