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28/04/2017 EOI – Cote d’Ivoire - Local consultant to support AHGC2 for activities related to the Bank’s engagement with Civil Society

Categories: Civil Society

12/01/2017 EOI – Algérie - Service de consultant - Mise à disposition d’experts techniques pour le déploiement des projets prioritaires du plan Directeur informatique de la SNTF, Algérie
30/12/2016 Note d'Information - Mali - Projet d’aménagement routier et de facilitation du transport sur le corridor BAMAKO – ZANTIEBOUGOU –BOUNDIALI - SAN PEDRO - Contract Awards

Categories: Mali

23/05/2016 EOI - Consultancy on Africa Information Highway: Senior Technical Expert for Support in Field Work – ESTA
19/02/2016 SPN – Zambia - Chinsali – Nakonde Road Rehabilitation Project (North – South Corridor)

Categories: Zambia

20/07/2015 EOI - Burkina Faso - Evaluation du Partenariat Public-Privé (PPP) en santé au Burkina Faso – 07 2015

Categories: Burkina Faso, Health

10/02/2015 EOI – Cote d’Ivoire - Consulting services - Training in Export/Trade Promotion for USA-based African commercial attachés - ONRI – 02 2015

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire

29/12/2014 EOI - Malawi - feasibility study, detailed engineering design, and preparation of bidding documents of the rehabilitation of the Mangochi - Chiponde (M3) road.– 12 2014
12/11/2014 GPN - Seychelles - Support for the Human Resource Development Strategy and Social Impact Assessment - HRDSS - 11 2014
26/06/2014 Review of AfDB’s Procurement Policy, Procedures and Processes - Policy Framework Paper
17/06/2014 Assessment Report of arbitration centres in Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt and Mauritius
07/05/2014 Summary Compendium on Application of MAPS in Africa
16/04/2014 Establishment of Monetary Thresholds for Modes of Procurement of Goods and Works
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Sustainable - Green Public Procurement
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Procurement Policy and Performance
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Innovations in Public Procurement
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Harmonization in Public Procurement
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Governance in Public Procurement
03/04/2014 Summary of Literature on Fraud and Corruption in Public Procurement
07/03/2014 Approach Paper - Comprehensive Review of the AfDB’s Procurement Policies and Procedures