General Procurement Notices

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Publication Date
02-Apr-2019 GPN - Mali - Amélioration du réseau d’observations météorologiques afin de renforcer la résilience face aux changements climatiques au Mali (AROMET-2C)
27-Mar-2019 GPN – Multinationale - Projet multinational Burundi/Tanzanie de réhabilitation des routes Rumonge - Gitaza (45 km) et Kabingo-Kasulu-Manyovu (260 km)
26-Mar-2019 GPN – Nigeria - Abia State Integrated Infrastructure Development Project (ABSIIDP) studies
25-Mar-2019 GPN – Ghana - SEFA Technical Assistance Support for Scaling-up Renewable Energy Programme (SREP) Investment Plan
17-Mar-2019 GPN – Multinational - Projet d’Interconnexion Electrique Nigeria – Niger – Benin – Burkina Faso WAPP - Dorsale Nord / WAPP - North Core
15-Mar-2019 GPN – Namibia - Feasibility Study for Namibia Feed Africa - Agricultural Transformation Programme (FAATPRO)
12-Mar-2019 GPN – Egypt - Sustainable Development of Abu-Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant Project
05-Mar-2019 GPN – Nigeria - Rebuilding the North East For Shared Prosperity
25-Feb-2019 GPN – Multinational - Somalia – Sudan - Rural Livelihoods’ Adaptation to Climate Change in the Horn of Africa II
20-Feb-2019 GPN – Multinational - Uganda and Kenya - Angololo Water Resources Development Project Studies
20-Feb-2019 GPN – Kenya - Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and Restoration Program: Sewerage Improvement Project Phase II
11-Feb-2019 GPN – Togo - Projet de transformation agro-alimentaire
07-Feb-2019 GPN – Eswatini - Construction of Manzini Golf Course Interchange
07-Feb-2019 GPN – Rwanda - Rwanda Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program - Additional financing
06-Feb-2019 GPN – Egypt - Feasibility Study and Project Preparation for the Green Abu-Rawash Sludge Facility Project
05-Feb-2019 GNP – Sénégal - Programme d’Urgence de Développement Communautaire (PUDC)
04-Feb-2019 GPN – Uganda - Feasibility Studies and Detailed Designs for Inclusive Faecal Sludge Management in Un-Sewered Urban Centers Project
01-Feb-2019 GPN - Sierra Leone - Freetown Wash & Aquatic Environment Revamping Project
22-Jan-2019 GPN – Cameroun - Programme d’appui au Secteur des Transports - Phase III : Construction de la Ring Road
22-Jan-2019 GPN – Uganda - Agriculture Value Chain Development Programme (AVCP) – Project 1