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Specific Procurement Notices

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Publication Date
09-Jan-2020 SPN - Kenya - Water Distribution Works for Malindi Water and Sewerage Company (MAWASCO)-WATAMU LOT 2A in Coast Water Works Development Agency Area
13-Feb-2020 SPN - Lesotho - Procurement of Hardware for Server and Installation of SAN Storage and Switches
30-Oct-2019 SPN - Liberia - Communication Services
30-Oct-2019 SPN - Liberia - Monitoring and Evaluation Services
21-Oct-2019 SPN - Malawi - Supply and Delivery of 1 No. Tanker for Emptying and Discharging Liquid Wastes
21-Oct-2019 SPN - Malawi - Supply and delivery of 2 no. skip carriers and 10 no. skips
12-Feb-2020 SPN - Maroc - Acquisition et la mise en place d’un Système d’Information hospitalier - PAAPS
17-Feb-2020 SPN - Maroc - Acquisition et mise en place d’un progiciel de gestion intégré des établissements de soins de santé primaires
24-Sep-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply and Installation of small irrigation sprinklers kits of 5ha and 10 ha - AVACYEP
21-Aug-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply of Agriculture Inputs in the provinces of Sofala and Zambézia
06-Nov-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply of Desktop, Laptop Computer and Printers - AVACYEP
11-Nov-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply, Delivery, Installation, Integration and Commissioning of Digital Access Rooms for EDM
25-Sep-2019 SPN - Multinational - Road Development and Transport Facilitation Programme Phase II : Lot 1: Paving of Fish Town- Kelipo Road Section (20 km)
09-Sep-2019 SPN - Namibia - Renovation and Refurbishment of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary Schools, in Ondangwa Town, Oshana Region
10-Jan-2020 SPN - Namibia - Renovation and Upgrade of Zambezi Vocational Training Centre, Zambezi Region, Namibia
31-Jul-2019 SPN - Namibia - Renovations and Refurbishment of Omuhonga Primary School, Epupa Constituency, Kunene Region, Namibia
27-Feb-2020 SPN - Namibia - Supply and delivery of Eight (8) Certified Seed Pre-Cleaning Machines and fourteen (14) Prototype Pearl Millet/Cowpea/Maize Thresher
27-Feb-2020 SPN - Namibia - Supply and Delivery of Fifty Two (52) 40-50kw Tractors with matching implements, Forty Eight (48) Grass Mowers, Forty Eight (48) Hay Rakes and Forty Eight (48) Balers
27-Feb-2020 SPN - Namibia - Supply and Delivery of Sixty Four (64) 60-70kw Tractors with matching implements
27-Feb-2020 SPN - Namibia - Supply and delivery of Ten (10) 80-90kw Tractors with matching implements