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20/01/2017 Land Tenure Regularization in Rwanda: Good practices in land reform
16/01/2017 Working Paper 245 - Sectoral credit concentration and bank performance in Zambia

Categories: Zambia

06/01/2017 North Africa - Working paper - Measuring Inclusive Growth: From theory to applications in North Africa
29/12/2016 North Africa - Working paper - The Role of Nascent Entrepreneurship in Driving Inclusive Economic Growth in North Africa
27/12/2016 COP22: Inclusive Climate Financing
27/12/2016 Empowering Women in Africa through Access to Sustainable Energy - A desk review of gender-focused approaches in the renewable energy sector

Categories: Energy & Power, Gender

25/11/2016 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 37 – July-October 2016
09/11/2016 Côte d'Ivoire - Profil Genre Pays 2015

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire, Gender

03/11/2016 Green Bonds Newsletter - Issue N°3 - October 2016
31/10/2016 Africa Feeding Africa, #1, 1st semester 2016
20/10/2016 Working Paper 244 - Occupational choice and agricultural labor exits in Sub-Saharan Africa
20/10/2016 Working Paper 243 - Selling crops early to pay for school: A large-scale natural experiment in Malawi

Categories: Malawi, Education

20/10/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Moving towards a green productive agriculture in Africa: The role of ICTs
20/10/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Korean Experiences in Agricultural Development and Policy Proposals for Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Space (STAARS)
14/10/2016 Growing Green - The Afdb and CIF for a Climate-Smart Africa - 2016
10/10/2016 Departement EADI Annual Report 2015
26/09/2016 Study on Quality of Bank Financed Road Projects

Categories: Transport, Infrastructure

26/09/2016 MDGs to Agenda 2063/SDGs - Transition Report 2016 - Summary
26/09/2016 MDGs to Agenda 2063/SDGs - Transition Report 2016
21/09/2016 Safeguards and Sustainability Series - Development and Indigenous Peoples in Africa