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06/01/2017 North Africa - Working paper - Measuring Inclusive Growth: From theory to applications in North Africa
29/12/2016 North Africa - Working paper - The Role of Nascent Entrepreneurship in Driving Inclusive Economic Growth in North Africa
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper – Public Investment and Growth in the Maghreb Countries
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper – Agricultural Production, Food Security and Higher Value in North Africa
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper - Measuring Inclusive Growth: From Theory to Applications in North Africa
16/03/2016 North Africa - Working paper - From Resource Curse to Rent Curse in the MENA Region
26/11/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Promoting North African Women’s Employment through SMEs
04/11/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Fundamentally changing the way we educate students in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
29/04/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Does foreign direct investment improve welfare in North African countries?
07/04/2015 Economic Brief - Regional integration in South-East Asia : lessons for the southern Mediterranean Countries
19/02/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Trade Volume and Economic Growth in the MENA Region: Goods or Services?
13/11/2014 Economic Brief - Promoting crisis-resilient growth in North Africa
03/09/2014 ORNA - North Africa - Annual Report 2014

Categories: Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya

28/08/2014 The AfDB Group in North Africa 2014
19/03/2014 Economic Brief - Labour market reforms in post-transition North Africa
11/12/2013 Economic Brief - The Search for Inclusive Growth in North Africa- A Comparative Approach
11/07/2013 The AfDB Group in North Africa 2013
26/03/2013 Economic Brief - The Growth of International Trade in Health Services Export Prospects in North Africa
26/03/2013 Economic Brief - Capital Market Development in North Africa Current Status and Future Potential
19/11/2012 Economic Brief - The Political Economy of Food Security in North Africa