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Economic Briefs

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20/10/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Moving towards a green productive agriculture in Africa: The role of ICTs
20/10/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Korean Experiences in Agricultural Development and Policy Proposals for Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Space (STAARS)
14/09/2016 Economic Brief - A défis communs, solutions communes : resoudre la question de l’emploi en Europe et en Afrique du Nord
13/09/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Chinese Special Economic Zones: Lessons for Africa
03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief - The role of road networks in addressing fragility and building resilience
03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief – Sources of gender productivity differentials in Africa: A cross-country comparison

Categories: Gender

03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Gender equality in agriculture: What are really the benefits for sub-Saharan Africa?
09/06/2016 The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) 2016
21/04/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Why Africa Needs Green Bonds
19/02/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Why and when to introduce a single currency in ECOWAS
12/01/2016 Africa Economic Brief - The Challenge of Job Creation in Nigeria

Categories: Nigeria, Employment

18/12/2015 Regional Integration Brief - Tanzania’s seaports and transport corridors as development opportunity for east and southern Africa
15/12/2015 Africa Economic Brief - Closing South Africa’s High-Skilled Worker Gap: Higher Education Challenges and Pathways
11/11/2015 Southern Africa Quarterly Report 3rd Quarter -2014 - Issue No.14
23/10/2015 Africa Economic Brief - Financing for innovation: what can be done for African SMEs?
19/10/2015 Africa Economic Brief - The Banking System in Africa: Main Facts and Challenges
06/10/2015 Africa Economic Brief - Modélisation du choc pétrolier de 2014 dans les pays importateurs de pétrole en Afrique du Nord
10/08/2015 West Africa Monitor Quarterly – Issue 7
10/06/2015 Africa Economic Brief - Understanding South Africa’s current account deficit: The role of foreign direct investment income
30/04/2015 West Africa Monitor Quarterly – Issue 6