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13-Sep-2019 South Sudan - National Climate Change Profile
13-Sep-2019 Burundi - National Climate Change Profile
10-Sep-2019 HCPI – COMESA Monthly News Release - July 2019
10-Sep-2019 SADC Harmonised Consumer Price Indices (HCPI) - July 2019
09-Sep-2019 Sudan Economic Report - After Two Decades of "Solitude" Targeted strategies for quick economic wins
27-Aug-2019 SADC Harmonised Consumer Price Indices (HCPI) - June 2019
27-Aug-2019 HCPI – COMESA Monthly News Release - June 2019
22-Aug-2019 Tanzania - National Food Balance Sheets Report 2014 – 2017
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 322 - Managing Natural Resource Revenue in Ghana
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 323 - Mobile Financial and Banking Services Development in Africa
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 324 - Public Investment, Time-to-Build, and Fiscal Stimulus
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 316 - Resilience to Diverse Shocks and Stressors in Niger and Ethiopia
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 320 - Hands Off Oil Revenues?Public Investment and Cash Transfers
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 319 - Performance de la microfinance en Afrique de l'Ouest
20-Aug-2019 Creating decent jobs - Strategies, policies, and instruments
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 321 - Determinants of Antenatal Care Utilization in Nigeria
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 318 - A DGE Model for Growth and Development Planning: Malawi
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 315 - Temperature and Children’s Nutrition: Evidence from West Africa
18-Jul-2019 Harmonized Consumer Price Index (HCPI) COMESA - May 2019
18-Jul-2019 SADC Harmonised Consumer Price Indices (HCPI) - May 2019