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15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Does Community Driven Development Work? Evidence from Senegal
15-Nov-2007 CEA 2007- Stabilité du pouvoir politique et rente pétrolière dans les Etats africains
15-Nov-2007 CEA 2007 - Détection de l’occurrence d’une situation de surendettement dans le cadre des PPTE africains: Quelle position pour la Chine?
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Promoting Women’s economic empowerment in Africa
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Gender Earnings Differentials and Power: Some African Evidence
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Effects of Financial Integration on Financial Development and Economic Performance of the SACU Countries
15-Nov-2007 CEA 2007 - Partenariat public privé et accélération de l’atteinte des objectifs du millénaire pour le développement en Afrique
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Measuring bank efficiency in developing countries: the case of WAEMU (West African economic monetary union)
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Is that a Dragon or Elephant on your Ladder: The Potential Impact of China and India on Export Led Growth in African Countries?
15-Nov-2007 AEC 2007 - L’aide au commerce dans les pays en développement: des articulations complexes pour une efficacité réelle
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Health Expenditures and Health Outcomes in Africa
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Oil and Challenges of Trade Policy Making In Sudan in a Globalizing Arena
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - The Costs of Rules of Origin in Apparel: African preferential exports to the US and to the EU
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Financing African Agriculture: Issues and Challenges
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Macroeconomic Convergence in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Rural Credit Markets in Uganda: Evidence from the 2005/6 National Household Survey
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Why doesn’t Regional Integration Improve Income Convergence in Africa?
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Aid for Trade - Prospects for Enhancing African Trade Capacity
15-Nov-2007 2007 AEC - Challenges and Opportunities of Evaluation in Fostering Development in Sub - Saharan Africa
15-Nov-2007 CEA 2007 - Une bonne politique économique pour le renouveau de L’Afrique