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11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - FDI and economic growth
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - The Measurment and Determinants of X Inefficiency in Commercial Banks
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - China, India and Africa: Prospects and Challenges
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - Growth Employment Nexus: What are the Specificities in Africa
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - AfDB Building Knowledge Sharing knowledge
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - Relaxing Export Supply Capacity Constraints and Promotion Export Expansion and Diversification in Africa: The Role of Special Export Development Strategies
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - Investing in People
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - Growth inequality poverty nexus in Sub Saharan Africa
11-Nov-2006 2006 AEC - Empirical Evidence of Productivity Growth in Tunisian Agriculture: 1961 - 2000
10-Nov-2006 2006 AM - Africa in the Post : Doha Multilateral Trading System. Presentation of Prof. Oyejide
11-Oct-2006 2006 AEC - Programme
08-Oct-2006 Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries 2006
11-Jul-2006 Working Paper 86 - A Review of Ex - ante Poverty Impact Assessments of Macroeconomic Policies in Cameroon and Ghana
21-Jun-2006 Working Paper 85 - On Measuring Indebtedness of African Countries: A Stochastic Frontier Debt Production Function
18-May-2006 The AfDB Statistics Pocket Book 2006
15-May-2006 AfDB Group Annual Report 2005
15-May-2006 Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries 2005
15-May-2006 Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations 2006
24-Mar-2006 Working Paper 84 - Ways of Using the African Oil Boom for Sustainable Development
28-Feb-2006 Law for Development Bulletin 2006