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18-Mar-2002 Working Paper 69 - Fostering the Use of Financial Risk Management Products in Developing Countries
17-Mar-2002 Working Paper 68 - Governance and Poverty Reduction in Africa
16-Mar-2002 Working Paper 67 - Gouvernance en Afrique: Etat des lieux
15-Mar-2002 Working Paper 66 - Corporate Governance in Africa: The Record and Policies for Good Corporate Governance
14-Mar-2002 Working Paper 65 - Governance in Africa: The Role for Information and Communication Technologies
13-Mar-2002 Working Paper 61 - Linking Africa to a Changing World
12-Mar-2002 Working Paper 63 - Trade, Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence
12-Mar-2002 Working Paper 62 - Policies for Regional Integration in Africa
10-Mar-2002 Working Paper 60 - Trade Liberalization and Growth: Policy Options for African Countries in a Global Economy
09-Mar-2002 Working Paper 59 - The Mineral and Energy Sectors and Stages of Economic Development: A Comparative Input - Output Analysis
08-Mar-2002 Working Paper 58 - The Contribution of African Development Bank to Economic Knowledge and Policy in Africa
07-Mar-2002 Working Paper 57 - Exorcism of the Ghost: An Alternative Growth Model for Measuring the Financing Gap
06-Mar-2002 Working Paper 56 - A Statistical Analysis of Determinants of Project Success: Examples from the African Development Bank
05-Mar-2002 Working Paper 55 - Strategic Considerations for Building a Healthy Pipeline for Bank Group Operations
03-Mar-2002 Working Paper 53 - Linkages between SMEs and Large Industries for Increased Markets and Trade: An African Perspective
01-Mar-2002 Working Paper 52 - Poverty Reduction in sub - Saharan Africa: Is There a Role for the Private Sector?
20-Feb-2002 Working Paper 51 - Competition and Regulation in Infrastructure
18-Feb-2002 Working Paper 49 - Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure in Southern African Development Bank
17-Feb-2002 Working Paper 48 - Challenges of Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in War - Affected Economies
16-Feb-2002 Working Paper 47 - Participation du secteur privé à la fournitures des infrastructures en Côte d'Ivoire: Revue et recommandation