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22-May-2019 Brochure - Innovative financing towards more efficient and effective systems across Africa
22-May-2019 Alimenter l’Afrique en énergie grâce à l’interconnexion des réseaux électriques - Rapport d’évaluation groupée
22-May-2019 Are you building the critical skills to enhance your project's impact?
22-May-2019 Rapport Stratégique Regional - Développement intégré et durable de la filière bois dans le Bassin du Congo
22-May-2019 Brochure - Promoting Africa as global player through high level policy dialogue on STI
22-May-2019 Addressing Regional Integration Challenges in Central Africa: Evaluation of the Regional Integration Strategy and Operations of the African Development Bank, 2011-2016
22-May-2019 African Water Facility Strategy 2017-2025 at a glance
22-May-2019 Review of the land tenure systems - Report on Tanzania
22-May-2019 Independent Review Mechanism - Annual Report 2018
22-May-2019 Strengthening Agricultural Value Chains to Feed Africa - Cluster Evaluation Report
22-May-2019 Brochure - Education and Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
18-May-2019 Somaliland - Monthly Consumer Price Index - February 2019
17-May-2019 Documents de Politique sur l’intégration Régionale No.3
17-May-2019 Policy Brief on the Financial Crisis - Containing the Impact of the Global Crisis and Paving the Way to Strong Recovery in Africa
17-May-2019 Policy Brief on the Financial Crisis - Impact of the Crisis on African Economies-Sustaining Growth and Poverty Reduction
17-May-2019 Policy Brief on Fragile States
17-May-2019 West Africa Policy Notes - Note 3, Septembre 2015
17-May-2019 Policy Brief on the Financial Crisis - What the G20 Can Do on Trade that Can Benefit Africa?
16-May-2019 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N°32 - July-August 2015
16-May-2019 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 34 – COP 21 Special Issue – December 2015