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15-Nov-2017 2007 AEC - Child Malnutrition in Senegal: Does access to Public Infrastructure Really Matter? A Quantile Regression Analysis
10-Nov-2017 ACCF Newsletter - N°1 - January-June 2017
08-Nov-2017 Gas domestication in South Korea Lessons for African countries
07-Nov-2017 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N°41 - July - September 2017
06-Nov-2017 Green Bond Newsletter - Issue N°4 - November 2017
03-Nov-2017 Information Note - Measuring and Reporting on Value for Money - A Conceptual Framework for MDBs
02-Nov-2017 Cameroon - Country results brief 2017
13-Oct-2017 Running the numbers - African Natural Resources Center - Analytical Report
12-Oct-2017 Statistical Brief on selected socio-economic indicators on Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 289 - Croissance inclusive la performance du Djibouti
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 284 - Growth and Fiscal Consequences of Terrorism in Nigeria
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 288 - Return to Investment in Agricultural Cooperatives in Ethiopia
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 283 - Mineral Resource Accounting Measures in Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 292 - Chaines de valeur et Transformation structurelle soutenable
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 287 - Current Account Adjustments and Integration in West Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 291 - Regional Financial Integration and Economic Activity in Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 286 - Climatic Shocks and Food Security The Role of Foreign Aid
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 290 - Building Fiscal Capacity The role of ICT
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 285 - Capital Inflows and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
20-Sep-2017 Africa Economic Brief - Volume 8 Issue 10 - Estimating Development Resilience: A Conditional Moments-Based Approach