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Working Paper Series

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 327 - Poverty in Nigeria: A Multidimensional Approach
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 328 - The Cost of Inaction: Obstacles and Lost Jobs in Africa
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 329 - Human Capital, Productivity, and Structural Transformation
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 330 - Labor Market Flexibility and Jobs in Selected African Countries
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 325 - Unleashing the Potential of institutional investors in Africa
14-Nov-2019 Working Paper 326 - Youth Jobs, Skill and Educational Mismatches in Africa
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 324 - Public Investment, Time-to-Build, and Fiscal Stimulus
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 322 - Managing Natural Resource Revenue in Ghana
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 323 - Mobile Financial and Banking Services Development in Africa
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 316 - Resilience to Diverse Shocks and Stressors in Niger and Ethiopia
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 320 - Hands Off Oil Revenues?Public Investment and Cash Transfers
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 319 - Performance de la microfinance en Afrique de l'Ouest
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 321 - Determinants of Antenatal Care Utilization in Nigeria
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 318 - A DGE Model for Growth and Development Planning: Malawi
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 315 - Temperature and Children’s Nutrition: Evidence from West Africa
24-Jul-2019 Working Paper 317 - Women Self-Selection out of the Credit Market in Africa
01-Jul-2019 Working Paper 314 - Within-Season Response to Warmer Temperatures: Defensive Investments by Kenyan Farmers
22-Feb-2019 Working Paper 308 - The Diaspora and Economic Development in Africa
27-Jun-2018 Working Paper 301 - Structural Transformation, Deep Downturns, and Government Policy
27-Jun-2018 Working Paper 300 - Village Communities and Global Development