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16/12/2005 Working Paper 82 - Public Sector Management in Africa
Authors:Joseph R. A. Ayee
15/12/2005 Working Paper 81 - Re-Orienting Public Management in Africa: Selected Issues and Some Country Experiences
Authors:Ladipo Adamolekun
01/12/2005 Working Paper 80 - Making Public Sector Management Work for Africa: Back to the Drawing - Board
Authors:Goran Hyden
14/10/2005 Working Paper 79 - Impacts and Challenges of Multilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements on Africa
Authors:Christopher Stevens
13/10/2005 Working Paper 78 - Trade Policy and Performance in Sub - Saharan Africa since the 1980s
Authors:Charles Ackah, Oliver Morrissey
30/08/2005 Working Paper 77 - Enhancing Africa’s Trade: From Marginalization to an Export - Led Approach to Development
Authors:Milton A. Iyoha
13/07/2005 Working Paper 76 - Are Exports the Engine of Economic Growth? An Application of Cointegration and Causality Analysis for Egypt, 1977 - 2003
Authors:Fouad Abou-Stait
12/07/2005 Working Paper 75 - External Shocks and the HIPC Initiative: Impacts on Growth and Poverty in Africa
Authors:M. Nureldin Hussain, Bernhard G. Gunter

Categories: Poverty Reduction