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11/07/2006 Working Paper 86 - A Review of Ex - ante Poverty Impact Assessments of Macroeconomic Policies in Cameroon and Ghana
Authors:N. Adamtey, V. Azeem, S. Fambon

Categories: Cameroon, Ghana

21/06/2006 Working Paper 85 - On Measuring Indebtedness of African Countries: A Stochastic Frontier Debt Production Function
Authors:Guy Blaise Nkamleu
24/03/2006 Working Paper 84 - Ways of Using the African Oil Boom for Sustainable Development
Authors:Geerd Wurthmann
17/02/2006 Working Paper 83 - Are African Countries Richer Than They Are Developed? A Multidimensional Analysis of Well-Being
Authors:V. Bérenger, A. Verdier-Chouchane