Working Paper Series

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26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 168 - Competition and Market Structure in the Zambian Banking Sector
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 167 - Promoting Economic Reforms in Developing Countries Rethinking Budgetary Aid?
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 165 - Tax resource mobilization and its impact on household living standards evidence from Niger
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 166 - Misalignment of Real Effective Exchange Rates: When Should the Franc CFA be Devalued Again?
29-Dec-2012 Working Paper 159 - Why do some Firms abandon Formality for Informality? Evidence from African Countries?
26-Dec-2012 Working Paper 164 - Closing the Education Gender Gap: Estimating the Impact of Girls’ Scholarship Program in The Gambia
26-Dec-2012 Working Paper 163 - Food Prices and Inflation in Tanzania
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 162 - Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan: Institutional Response to Nigeria’s Development Question
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 161 - The Impact of Euro Area Monetary and Bond Yield Shocks on the South African Economy: Structural Vector Autoregression Model Evidence
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 160 - Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in South Africa: A Granger Causality Analysis
29-Oct-2012 Working Paper 158 - Tackling Graduate Unemployment through Employment Subsidies an Assessment of the SIVP Programme in Tunisia
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 154 - Credit Bureaus and Registries and Access to Finance: New Evidence from 42 African Countries
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 153 - Accessing Local Markets for Infrastructure: Lessons for Africa
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 157 - How are the US Financial Shocks Transmitted into South Africa? Structural VAR Evidence
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 156 - Macroeconomic Shock Synchronization in the East African Community
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 155 - Youth Jobs and Structural Change: Confronting Africa’s “Employment Problem”
10-Sep-2012 Working Paper 152 - Dynamics of Inflation in Uganda
08-Sep-2012 Working Paper 151 - The Dynamics of Inflation in Ethiopia and Kenya
28-May-2012 Working Paper 150 - South Africa’s Quest for Inclusive Development
14-May-2012 Working Paper 149 - Accounting for Poverty in Africa: Illustration with Survey Data from Nigeria