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14/10/2009 Working Paper 98 - Africa and the Global Economic Crisis: Strategies for Preserving the Foundations of Long-Term Growth
Authors:V. Castel, D. Vencatachellum, N. Rebei, R. Taoufik, A.B. Kamara, N. Letsara

Categories: Financial Crisis

12/10/2009 Working Paper 97 - Soaring Food Prices and Africa's Vulnerability and Responses: An Update
Authors:A.B.Kamara, A.Mafusire, V.Castel, M.Kurzweil, D.Vencatachellum, L.Pla

Categories: Food Production

25/05/2009 Working Paper 96 - Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on Africa
Authors:K.Louis , N.Léonce , R.Taoufik

Categories: Financial Crisis