Working Paper Series

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02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 328 - The Cost of Inaction: Obstacles and Lost Jobs in Africa
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 329 - Human Capital, Productivity, and Structural Transformation
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 330 - Labor Market Flexibility and Jobs in Selected African Countries
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 325 - Unleashing the Potential of institutional investors in Africa
02-Jan-2020 Working Paper 327 - Poverty in Nigeria: A Multidimensional Approach
14-Nov-2019 Working Paper 326 - Youth Jobs, Skill and Educational Mismatches in Africa
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 324 - Public Investment, Time-to-Build, and Fiscal Stimulus
21-Aug-2019 Working Paper 322 - Managing Natural Resource Revenue in Ghana
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 316 - Resilience to Diverse Shocks and Stressors in Niger and Ethiopia
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 320 - Hands Off Oil Revenues?Public Investment and Cash Transfers
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 319 - Performance de la microfinance en Afrique de l'Ouest
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 321 - Determinants of Antenatal Care Utilization in Nigeria
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 318 - A DGE Model for Growth and Development Planning: Malawi
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 315 - Temperature and Children’s Nutrition: Evidence from West Africa
24-Jul-2019 Working Paper 317 - Women Self-Selection out of the Credit Market in Africa
01-Jul-2019 Working Paper 314 - Within-Season Response to Warmer Temperatures: Defensive Investments by Kenyan Farmers
22-Feb-2019 Working Paper 308 - The Diaspora and Economic Development in Africa
27-Jun-2018 Working Paper 300 - Village Communities and Global Development
27-Jun-2018 Working Paper 301 - Structural Transformation, Deep Downturns, and Government Policy
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 288 - Return to Investment in Agricultural Cooperatives in Ethiopia