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30/12/2014 Working Paper - 215 - A Regional Budget Development Allocation Formula for Tunisia
30/12/2014 Working Paper - 214 - From Productivity to Exporting or Vice Versa Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing Sector

Categories: Tunisia

30/12/2014 Working Paper - 213 - Disentangling the Pattern of Geographic Concentration in Tunisian Manufacturing Industries

Categories: Tunisia

30/12/2014 Working Paper - 212 - Diversification and Sophistication of Livestock Products: the Case of African Countries
30/12/2014 Working Paper - 211 - Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission in Zambia: Evidence from Bank-Level Data

Categories: Zambia

04/12/2014 Working Paper - 210 - The Real Exchange Rate and Growth in Zimbabwe Does the Currency Regime Matter
04/12/2014 Working Paper - 209 - What is driving the African Growth Miracle
11/09/2014 Working Paper - 208 - The Main Obstacles to Firms Growth in Senegal Implications for the Long-Run
22/08/2014 Working Paper 206 - Growth and Distributional Impact of Agriculture, Textiles and Mining Sectors in Lesotho
06/08/2014 Working Paper 205 - Volatility and Co-movement in Commodity Prices- New Evidence
06/08/2014 Working Paper 204 - Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: Analysis with Evidence from Swaziland
25/06/2014 Working Paper 203 - Immigrants, Skills and Wages in the Gambian Labor Market
29/04/2014 Working Paper 202 - Segmentation and efficiency of the interbank market and their implication for the conduct of monetary policy
29/04/2014 Working Paper 201 - Does Intra-African Trade Reduce Youth Unemployment in Africa ?
African countries have taken several measures to promote regional integration, a major part of which is intra-regional trade. Intra-African trade is one of the important activities to achieve regional integration and accelerate...Read more
29/04/2014 Working Paper 200 - Analysis of Household Expenditures and the Impact of Remittances using a Latent Class Model: the Case of Burkina Faso

Categories: Burkina Faso

05/03/2014 Working Paper 197 - Estimating the Economic Cost of Fragility in Africa
Authors:Mthuli Ncube, Basil Jones, Zorobabel Bicaba
05/03/2014 Working Paper 199 - Microcredit for the Development of the Bottom of the Pyramid Segment: Impact of Access to Financial Services on Microcredit Clients, Institutions and Urban Sustainability
Today, although mainstream debates on sustainability especially in urban areas are full of literature on the importance of creating sustainable cities through the involvement of different stakeholders in urban development, there...Read more
Authors:Emmanuel Mutisya, Masaru Yarime
03/01/2014 Working Paper 195 - Inequality, Economic Growth, and Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
The wave of protests and unrests that swept across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since 2011 has continued in different forms. In addition to demands for more economic and political inclusion, the protests had...Read more
Authors:Mthuli Ncube, John Anyanwu, Kjell Hausken
03/01/2014 Working Paper 194 - The Impact of Community Development Works Programs (CWP) on Households’ Wellbeing in Albania
This paper attempts to evaluate the impact of the Albanian Development Fund’s (ADF’s) CWP programs on access to infrastructures, welfare and social capital. We use the standard of Heckman and Vytlacil (2001) marginal treatment...Read more
Authors:Amadou B. Diallo
03/01/2014 Working Paper 193 - Large Scale Agribusiness Investments and Implications in Africa- Development Finance Institutions' Perspectives
Agriculture is the dominant source of livelihood in Africa, especially in low-income rural areas.  About 70% of the population is directly employed in the sector, and it accounts for approximately 30% of the region’s...Read more
Authors:Issa Faye, Ousman Gajigo, Emelly Mutambatsere