Working Paper Series

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10-Sep-2012 Working Paper 152 - Dynamics of Inflation in Uganda
08-Sep-2012 Working Paper 151 - The Dynamics of Inflation in Ethiopia and Kenya
28-May-2012 Working Paper 150 - South Africa’s Quest for Inclusive Development
14-May-2012 Working Paper 149 - Accounting for Poverty in Africa: Illustration with Survey Data from Nigeria
14-May-2012 Working Paper 148 - Role of Fiscal Policy in Tackling the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Southern Africa
03-Apr-2012 Working Paper 147 - Gold Mining in Africa-Maximizing Economic Returns for Countries
26-Mar-2012 Working Paper 146 - Bank Financing to Small and Medium Enterprises in East Africa: Findings of a Survey in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
13-Mar-2012 Working Paper 64 - Linking Africa Through Regional Infrastructure
16-Feb-2012 Working Paper 144 - An Analysis of the Impact of Financial Integration on Economic Activity and Macroeconomic Volatility in Africa within the Financial Globalization Context
16-Feb-2012 Working Paper 145 - Assessing the Returns to Education in the Gambia
15-Dec-2011 Working Paper 143 - Does Good Governance Create Value for International Acquirers in Africa: Evidence from us Acquisitions
09-Dec-2011 Working Paper 142 - Africa’s Quest for Development: Can Sovereign Wealth Funds Help?
01-Dec-2011 Working Paper 141 - Always Late: Measures and Determinants of Disbursement Delays at the AfDB
28-Nov-2011 Working Paper 140 - Development Aid and Access to Water and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
28-Nov-2011 Working Paper 139 - The Macroeconomic Impact of Higher Capital Ratios on African Economies
28-Nov-2011 Working Paper 138 - Economic Policy and Institutional Factors in the Development of Domestic Bond Markets in the CFA Zone
20-Sep-2011 Working Paper 137 - Does Aid Unpredictability Weaken Governance? New Evidence from Developing Countries
19-Sep-2011 Working Paper 136 - Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Africa, 1980-2007
12-Aug-2011 Working Paper 135 - International Remittances and Income Inequality in Africa
11-Aug-2011 Working Paper 134 - Inflation Targeting, Exchange Rate Shocks and Output: Evidence from South Africa