Working Paper Series

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06-Feb-2017 Working Paper 246 - Why is inequality high in Africa?
16-Jan-2017 Working Paper 245 - Sectoral credit concentration and bank performance in Zambia
11-Nov-2016 Working Paper 228 - Overborrowing and Balance of Payments Imbalances in a Monetary Union
20-Oct-2016 Working Paper 244 - Occupational choice and agricultural labor exits in Sub-Saharan Africa
20-Oct-2016 Working Paper 243 - Selling crops early to pay for school: A large-scale natural experiment in Malawi
09-Oct-2016 Working Paper 241 - Long term consequences of consumption seasonality
09-Sep-2016 Working Paper 242 - Understanding the prospective local content in the petroleum sector; and the potential impact of high energy prices on production sectors and household welfare in Uganda
30-Aug-2016 Working Paper 240 - The Impact of the Real Exchange Rate Changes on Export Performance in Tanzania and Ethiopia
26-Aug-2016 Working Paper 239 - Concept and measure of inclusive health across countries
09-Aug-2016 Working Paper 238 - Impact Evaluation in a Landscape: protected natural forests, anthropized forested lands and deforestation leakages in Madagascar’s rainforests
06-Jun-2016 Working Paper 237 - Decomposing Sources of Productivity Change in Small-Scale Farming in Ethiopia
05-Jun-2016 Working Paper 236 - Estimating Development Resilience: A Conditional Moments-Based Approach
13-May-2016 Working Paper 235 - Social Networks, Agricultural Innovations, and Farm Productivity in Ethiopia
21-Apr-2016 Working Paper 234 - The Unintended Consequences of Agricultural Input Intensification: Human Health Implications of Agro-chemical use in Sub-Saharan Africa
18-Apr-2016 Working Paper 233 - Technology Adoption and Risk Exposure among Smallholder Farmers: Panel Data Evidence from Tanzania and Uganda
12-Feb-2016 Working Paper 232 - Remittances and Access to rural credit markets Evidence from Senegal
29-Jan-2016 Working Paper 229 - Structural change, economic growth and poverty reduction – Micro-evidence from Uganda
29-Jan-2016 Working Paper 230 - Child Labour and Schooling in South Sudan and Sudan: Is There a Gender Preference?
12-Aug-2015 Working Paper 227 - Public Debt Sustainability in Africa: Building Resilience and Challenges Ahead
12-Aug-2015 Working Paper 226 - Aid Unpredictability and Economic Growth in Kenya