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01/08/2017 Working Paper 281 - Early Childbearing, School Attainment and Cognitive Skills
01/08/2017 Working Paper 278 - Education resources and the quality of local governance in Africa
20/10/2016 Working Paper 243 - Selling crops early to pay for school: A large-scale natural experiment in Malawi

Categories: Malawi, Education

29/01/2016 Working Paper 230 - Child Labour and Schooling in South Sudan and Sudan: Is There a Gender Preference?
06/08/2014 Working Paper 204 - Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: Analysis with Evidence from Swaziland
26/12/2012 Working Paper 164 - Closing the Education Gender Gap: Estimating the Impact of Girls’ Scholarship Program in The Gambia
Universal primary education and the elimination of gender gap in enrollment rates are two of the targets in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Achieving these goals has been a high development priority for sub-Saharan...Read more
Authors:Ousman Gajigo
16/02/2012 Working Paper 145 - Assessing the Returns to Education in the Gambia
The importance of education in development is a perennial topic in economics especially in the context of sub-Saharan Africa’s development experience. The connection is not surprising since the region stands out both in its low...Read more
Authors:Jeremy D. Foltz, Ousman Gajigo
02/06/2010 Working Paper 110 - Education and Employment in Malawi
Malawi’s educational system fairs poorly on a sub-regional scale. The gross enrolment rate is the lowest in the South African region. At the primary school level, pupil to teacher ratio stood at 80:1, repetition rates at 20...Read more
Authors:V.Castel, M.Phiri, M.Stampini
18/12/2007 Working Paper 92 - Education Expenditures and School Enrolment in Africa: Illustrations from Nigeria and Other SANE Countries
Authors:John C. Anyanwu, Andrew E.O. Erhijakpor