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23/06/2011 Working Paper 130 - Growth and Macroeconomic Convergence in Southern Africa
The objective of this study is to assess whether the formation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in 1992 has led to (i) convergence in real income or “catch- up” growth across the countries within the region or...Read more
Authors:Wolassa L. Kumo
11/11/2010 Working Paper 115 - Analyzing Pro-Poor Growth in Southern Africa: Lessons from Mauritius and South Africa
The study involves a micro-level analysis of the effect of growth on inequality and poverty in two Southern African countries, Mauritius over the period 2001-2006 and South Africa over the period 1995-2005. Given that poverty...Read more
Authors:Jean-Yves Duclos, Audrey Verdier-Chouchane

Categories: Mauritius, South Africa