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30/08/2016 Working Paper 240 - The Impact of the Real Exchange Rate Changes on Export Performance in Tanzania and Ethiopia

Categories: Ethiopia, Tanzania

18/04/2016 Working Paper 233 - Technology Adoption and Risk Exposure among Smallholder Farmers: Panel Data Evidence from Tanzania and Uganda

Categories: Tanzania, Uganda

26/12/2012 Working Paper 163 - Food Prices and Inflation in Tanzania
This paper presents an econometric model of headline Tanzanian inflation and its principal components for the period since 2000.  Inflation is modeled in terms of deviations from a set of ‘anchors’ reflecting long-run...Read more
Authors:C.Adam, D.Kwimbere, W.Mbowe, S.O’Connell
26/03/2012 Working Paper 146 - Bank Financing to Small and Medium Enterprises in East Africa: Findings of a Survey in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
Various studies have shown the contributions of SMEs to exceed 60 percent of total formal employment in the manufacturing sector in both advanced and developing economies. In Africa, the contribution of the SME sector to job...Read more
Authors:P.Calice, V.M.Chando, S.Sekioua