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Working Paper Series

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 285 - Capital Inflows and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 289 - Croissance inclusive la performance du Djibouti
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 284 - Growth and Fiscal Consequences of Terrorism in Nigeria
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 288 - Return to Investment in Agricultural Cooperatives in Ethiopia
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 283 - Mineral Resource Accounting Measures in Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 292 - Chaines de valeur et Transformation structurelle soutenable
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 287 - Current Account Adjustments and Integration in West Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 291 - Regional Financial Integration and Economic Activity in Africa
04-Oct-2017 Working Paper 286 - Climatic Shocks and Food Security The Role of Foreign Aid
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 281 - Early Childbearing, School Attainment and Cognitive Skills
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 276 - A Tax on Children? Food Price Inflation and Health
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 280 - Labor Market Outcomes during Life Transition
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 275 - Illicit Financial Flows and Political Institutions in Kenya
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 279 - Teen Fertility and Labor Market Segmentation in Madagascar
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 274 - Conflict and Fragile States in Africa
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 278 - Education resources and the quality of local governance in Africa
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 273 - Stock (Mis)pricing and investment dynamics in Africa
01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 277 - Deterrence and Legitimacy in Anti-Corruption Policymaking
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 272 - Price effects of borders between Lesotho and South Africa
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 267 - Does Access to Basic Services Matter for Child Health? Evidence From Togo