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Working Paper Series

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 272 - Price effects of borders between Lesotho and South Africa
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 267 - Does Access to Basic Services Matter for Child Health? Evidence From Togo
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 271 - Facteurs déterminants des IDE en Afrique
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 270 - The Economy of Tastes, Feelings, and Opinions
17-May-2017 Working Paper 260 - Transforming Traditional Agriculture Redux
17-May-2017 Working Paper 255 - Competition and industrial policies relating to food production in southern Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 264 - Institutional Reforms and Economic Outcomes in Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 259 - Structural Transformation and Food Security: Their Mutual Interdependence
17-May-2017 Working Paper 263 - Factor Productivity and Potential Output Growth in South Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 258 - Structural Transformation: A competitiveness-based view
17-May-2017 Working Paper 262 - Dysfonctionnements de l’offre de transport en Afrique: cas de Yaoundé
17-May-2017 Working Paper 257 - The Inclusive and Sustainable Transformation Index
17-May-2017 Working Paper 266 - Structural Transformation and Income Distribution: Kuznets and Beyond
17-May-2017 Working Paper 261 - Post-Macroeconomics: Some Theoretical and Analytical Issues
17-May-2017 Working Paper 256 - Sub-Saharan Africa’s Manufacturing Sector: Building Complexity
17-May-2017 Working Paper 265 - Monnaie unique et intégration: CEEAC et CEDEAO
09-Mar-2017 Working Paper 251 - Foreign trade and international financial flows: Implications for economic stability in ECOWAS countries
09-Mar-2017 Working Paper 250- Quality of Corporate Governance on Dividend Payouts: The Case of Nigeria
09-Mar-2017 Working Paper 254 - Exchange Rate Policies and FDI Flow in WAMZ
09-Mar-2017 Working Paper 253 - Climate Change Challenges, Smallholder Commercialization and Progress out Poverty in Ethiopia