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Working Paper Series

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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14-Jun-2013 Working Paper 172 - Political Economy of Service Delivery: Monitoring versus Contestation
14-Jun-2013 Working Paper 171 - Youth Unemployment and Political Instability in Selected Developing Countries
19-Mar-2013 Working Paper 170 - Development of Wind Energy in Africa
19-Mar-2013 Working Paper 169 - Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Shocks on South African Trade Balance
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 165 - Tax resource mobilization and its impact on household living standards evidence from Niger
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 166 - Misalignment of Real Effective Exchange Rates: When Should the Franc CFA be Devalued Again?
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 168 - Competition and Market Structure in the Zambian Banking Sector
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 167 - Promoting Economic Reforms in Developing Countries Rethinking Budgetary Aid?
29-Dec-2012 Working Paper 159 - Why do some Firms abandon Formality for Informality? Evidence from African Countries?
26-Dec-2012 Working Paper 163 - Food Prices and Inflation in Tanzania
26-Dec-2012 Working Paper 164 - Closing the Education Gender Gap: Estimating the Impact of Girls’ Scholarship Program in The Gambia
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 161 - The Impact of Euro Area Monetary and Bond Yield Shocks on the South African Economy: Structural Vector Autoregression Model Evidence
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 160 - Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in South Africa: A Granger Causality Analysis
10-Dec-2012 Working Paper 162 - Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan: Institutional Response to Nigeria’s Development Question
29-Oct-2012 Working Paper 158 - Tackling Graduate Unemployment through Employment Subsidies an Assessment of the SIVP Programme in Tunisia
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 157 - How are the US Financial Shocks Transmitted into South Africa? Structural VAR Evidence
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 156 - Macroeconomic Shock Synchronization in the East African Community
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 155 - Youth Jobs and Structural Change: Confronting Africa’s “Employment Problem”
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 154 - Credit Bureaus and Registries and Access to Finance: New Evidence from 42 African Countries
08-Oct-2012 Working Paper 153 - Accessing Local Markets for Infrastructure: Lessons for Africa