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Senegal - Project To Restore The Ecological And Economic Functions Of Lake Guiers (PREFELAG) - Project Appraisal Report


The Project to Restore the Ecological and Economic Functions of Lake Guiers will be implemented in the Saint Louis and Louga regions of Senegal. It seeks to restore optimal conditions for normal functioning of the lake and refill with water the Ndiael Special Bird Sanctuary, which has been upgraded into a Ramsar1 site and is currently placed on the Montreux Record2. The immediate effect of project implementation will be the restoration of the lake’s flow coefficient, which will considerably improve the quality of its water. The volume of water in the lake will increase from 1.2 to 2.1 billion m3 per year in 2017. These new conditions will lead to: (i) increased access to water for over 4 million people in the country and close to one million head of cattle; (ii) the development of at least 30,000 ha of irrigable lands and 20,000 ha of wetlands with remarkable natural habitats; (iii) increased direct stockbreeding profits from the project area of at least CFAF 530 million per year; (iv) increased fish production from 238 to 486 tonnes per year; (v) creation of over 3000 rural jobs for the youth and women including at least 100 green jobs; and (iv) removal of the Ndiael Reserve from the Montreux Record. Project beneficiaries are estimated at over 200,000 persons in the project area and 3 million inhabitants of Dakar and other inland towns and villages who rely on the water supply network connected to the lake.

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