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Senegal - resource mobilisation and investment attractiveness institutional support project - Appraisal Report


PAIMRAI is an institutional support project that will focus on internal resource mobilisation and investment attractiveness in strategic sectors under the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE). The objective is to mobilise domestic (fiscal) resources without prejudice to the mobilisation of external resources (FDI). To achieve this, the programme will be built on two complementary components. The first will concern improving tax policy and administration to broaden the tax base, reduce tax-related transaction costs, and develop more appropriate tax policies for the country's economic development. This would lead to more efficient and relevant taxation and greater revenue mobilisation. The focus will be on strengthening the tax information system, building the capacity of the Directorate General for Taxes and Lands (DGID) in international taxation and tax evasion, improving intelligence and broadening the tax base, and enhancing sector-specific tax policies (hydrocarbons, environment, etc.).

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