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Sierra Leone - Mano River Union Rehabilitation of Bo-Bandajuma Road Project - Project Appraisal Report


The project will involve rehabilitation of the Bo-Bandajuma road at an estimated total cost of UA23.84 million. Project Funding is from ADF13 (Transition Support Facility (TSF) Loan of UA 3.71 million and PBA Loan UA 3.23 million) and OPEC Fund For International Development (OFID) Loan of UA 14.24 million and Government of Sierra Leone Counterpart Funding (Contribution of UA 1.43 million and PAPs compensation of UA 1.23 million). The Project components include: (i) Infrastructure investments comprising the rehabilitation of Bo-Bandajuma road (46km),, three (3) studies for the construction of Kailahum-Koindu-Guinea border road, a pre-feasibility for rehabilitation of the Mano River Union Bridge and a study for the identification of trade facilitation needs on the MRU corridors; (ii) Project Management (Implementation Support, Financial and Technical Audits, Monitoring and Evaluation); and (iii) Cross cutting and Complementary Components (Compensation of PAPs and Awareness Campaigns on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Gender Sensitization and Road Safety). The beneficiaries include the local communities within the road zone of influence, which is expected to benefit from the project through provision of reliable access to socio-economic facilities including schools, markets and health centers which in turn should boost the local economy and contribute to poverty alleviation. The road will also serve international traffic within ECOWAS/Mano River Union Region (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone), and will thus contribute to regional integration.

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