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Sierra Leone - Three Towns Water Supply And Sanitation Project - Project Appraisal Report


The Bank Group has been supporting the water sector in Sierra Leone since 1968, and to-date the total Bank Group assistance to the water sector amounts to UA61.30 million in six (6) operations of which four (4) were completed, viz: Freetown Sewerage study (1978-1980); Freetown water supply (1978-1982); Extension of Freetown Water Supply Network (1969-1973); and the Water Supply and Sanitation Study (2004-2009) that resulted in the on-going Three Towns Water Supply and Sanitation (TTWSSP) project which was approved in 2010 and the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (RWSSP which was approved in 2013. The RWSSP has not yet achieved significant results due to the impact of the Ebola Virus Diseases crisis (2014 – 2015) that adversely deterred its implementation progress. The total cost of the RWSSP is UA28.645 million including co-financing of GBP 5.7 million from DFID and USD4.0million from GEF. The TTWSSP is the subject of this supplementary financing proposal. The on-going project total cost is UA 41.35million, UA 41.35million, including ADF financing of UA28.50million and OFID co-financing of USD 19.00million (UA12.85 million)

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