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Sierra Leone - Update of the 2013-2017 country strategy paper (CSP) to end 2019 and 2017 country portfolio performance review (CPPR)


Sierra Leone’s economic growth in the past two years point to its resilience in the face of significant shocks. Real GDP growth that had peaked in 2013 was disrupted by the twin-shocks: (i) decline in international iron-ore prices starting in late 2013; and (ii) the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in 2014. As a result GDP growth contracted by 20.5% in 2015 but it rebounded in 2016 to 6.0 % and is estimated at 5.6% in 2017. This underscores the need to address fragility and vulnerability to external shocks as they are intrinsically linked to the country’s growth trajectory.

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