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Somalia – Kismayo –Baidoa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project - Project Appraisal Report


The project objective is to contribute to improved quality of life, inclusiveness and resilience through the provision of sustainable water supply and sanitation services. The project focuses on increasing access to safe water, improved sanitation and strengthening capacity for improved delivery of water and sanitation services in Kismayo (Jubbaland State) and Baidoa (South West State) towns. The project will reduce economic and social exclusion of poor and vulnerable groups in the two towns, where an estimated 65% of the population live below the basic needs poverty line and 70% of the population is younger than 30 years is often unemployed by improving access to safe and reliable water supply. The main beneficiaries are the approximately 200,000 urban and peri-urban people living in Kismayo and Baidoa. The project will improve access to affordable water supply and sanitation services in Kismayo and Baidoa, particularly for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) - who comprise 43% of the population, have contributed significantly to the growing urban informality in the two towns, and are facing great hardship in accessing clean water and improved sanitation. Water and Sanitation tariffs will be reviewed to incorporate lifeline tariffs, which often ensure that those in greatest hardship can afford water and sanitation services. Selected education, health and market facilities will also benefit from improved water and sanitation facilities and hygiene training and promotion. The project will cost an estimated UA 9.589 million with the TSF Pillar 1 grant of UA 8.627 million covering 90 % and the Federal Government of Somalia contributing 10% of the total project costs. The project implementation period is 48 months with a completion date of September 2023.

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