Strategy Documents

16-Jul-2019 Central Africa Regional Integration Strategy Paper 2019 - 2025
11-Jun-2019 Medium - Term Strategy 2008 - 2012
24-May-2019 Gabon - Long-term Strategy Consultation Meeting
24-May-2019 Ghana - Long-term Strategy Consultation Meeting
24-May-2019 North Africa Long-Term Strategy Consultation Meeting - Summary Report
24-May-2019 Strategic and Operational Framework for Regional Operations
24-May-2019 Long-Term Strategy Internal Consultation Meetings - Summary Report
24-May-2019 The Civil Society Engagement Framework - Draft Version
24-May-2019 Corporate Governance Strategy - July 2007
23-May-2019 2011-2015 - Eastern Africa-Regional Integration Strategy Paper - Draft Version
25-Jan-2019 Regional Integration Strategic Framework - Revised
08-Sep-2017 Governance Strategic Framework and Action Plan (GAP II) 2014-2018
09-Mar-2016 Bank Group Regional Integration Policy And Strategy (RIPoS) 2014–2023
30-Jun-2015 Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience in Africa- The AfDB Group Strategy 2014–2019
06-Nov-2014 Draft Financial Sector Development Policy and Strategy 2014-2019 – Revised
12-Aug-2014 Report on Professionalized Rural Service Areas (PRSA) for Water and Sanitation
29-May-2014 AfDB Human Capital Strategy for Africa 2014-2018
04-Feb-2014 2014-2018 - Bank Group Gender Strategy
28-Nov-2013 November 2013 - Progress report on the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan 2011–2015
08-Nov-2013 2014-2018 - Governance Strategic Direction and Action Plan(GAP II) - Draft Report for External Consultation