Strategy Documents

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10-Apr-2012 Briefing Note for AfDB’s Long-Term Strategy - Higher Education , Science and Technology
10-Apr-2012 Briefing Note for AfDB’s Long-Term Strategy - Private Sector Development Strategy
09-Feb-2012 2012-2016 - AfDB’s Human Capital Development Strategy - Draft version
21-Sep-2011 Proposal for Establishment of External Representation Offices (EROs)
06-Jun-2011 Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the Bank Group Medium Term Strategy 2008-2012
05-Jun-2011 2011-2015 - Southern Africa - Regional Integration Strategy Paper
05-May-2011 2011-2015 - Central Africa - Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP)
27-Apr-2011 Bank Group Urban Development Strategy
07-Apr-2011 A Roadmap for Improving Performance on Aid Effectiveness and Promoting Effective Development - Turning Commitments Into Action
10-Nov-2010 Review of the Bank Group’s Cost-Sharing Formula
21-Oct-2010 Multi-Donor Arrangement for the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA)
18-Oct-2010 Strategy Update for the AfDB’s Private Sector Operations
30-Sep-2010 Multi-Donor Governance Trust Fund
22-Feb-2010 2010-2014 - Bank Group Agriculture Sector Strategy
09-Feb-2010 Framework Document for the Establishment of the Climdev-Africa Special Fund (CDSF)
02-Feb-2010 Strengthening Country External Audit Systems in Africa - A Joint Strategy of the Africa Development Bank and the World Bank
01-Feb-2010 Communication and External Relations Medium Term Strategy
01-Feb-2010 The Bank Group Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Activities
21-Jan-2010 2009-2012 - Bank Group Regional Integration Strategy
31-Aug-2009 AfDB Group Malaria Control Strategy