Strategy Documents

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21-Jan-2010 2009-2012 - Bank Group Regional Integration Strategy
31-Aug-2009 AfDB Group Malaria Control Strategy
02-Jul-2009 Strategy for Higher Education, Science and Technology-Brochure
30-Apr-2009 Bank Group Climate Risk Management and Adaptation Strategy
05-Apr-2009 AfDB Group Strategy for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Africa
04-Mar-2009 The African Development Bank Group Response to the Economic Impact of the Financial Crisis
19-Aug-2008 Bank Group’s Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) Operations Strategy
08-Jul-2008 The Africa Food Crisis Response
01-Jun-2008 Strategic Framework for Enhancing Bank Group Support to Middle Income Countries
03-Jan-2008 Governance Strategic Directions and Action Plan-2008-2012
02-Nov-2007 Framework for the Establishment of the Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism
22-May-2006 Strategy for Higher Education, Science and Technology
24-May-2004 Instrument for the Establishment of the African Water Facility Special Fund (Administered by the African Development Bank)
02-Jul-2003 NEPAD - STAP Review of Implementation Progress and The Way Forward - Volume 1 - Overview
17-Apr-2003 NEPAD - Proposal for the Establishment of a NEPAD Support Unit
24-Nov-2002 AfDB Strategic Plan 2003-2007
30-Jun-2001 Bank Group Strategy Paper on Law for Development
01-Jan-2000 The 2007 Strategic Direction and Indicative Operational Program
01-Jan-2000 Clean Energy Investment Framework for Africa: Role of the AfDB
01-Jan-2000 Enhanced Decentralisation Strategy: Strengthening Country Focus and Client Responsiveness Through a Tailored Approach