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Sudan - Public financial and macroeconomic management capacity building project - Project Completion Report


The project development objective is to build and enhance transparency, accountability and efficiency in the use of public resources, macroeconomic policy and debt management through institutional strengthening and capacity building and thereafter developing a robust system for tracking and reporting of public revenues.
This objective is aligned to pillar 1 of the I-PRSP (2011-2014) and pillar II of National Development Plan (NDP) for (2012-2016) both focus to strengthen governance and institutional capacity in the public sector.
Strengthening of government capacity in PFM being the centre goal will enhance the impact of the national budget on delivery of services and hence poverty reduction through increasing efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation and execution in line with pro-poor policies. The improvement of fiscal sustainability would avail much needed resources to finance development agenda.
In assessing relevancy during the implementation period, four policy reforms related are taken into account in relation to project purpose remained fully aligned with: i) the Bank’s CSP or Country brief. The Bank was able to support Sudan’s recovery with a focus on two pillars, policy dialogue and targeted analytical work. ii) Applicable Bank sector strategy. This is envisaged through institutional support and capacity building, and achieved through installation of considerable number of systems such as DMFAS 06. iii) The country development strategy. The project was truly relevant in achieving development strategy.
iv) The beneficiary needs. As for beneficiary needs, which was underscored by Bank’s preparation and appraisal missions as well as IMF consultations, mainly rest on institutional strengthening and capacity building in basic areas covering budgeting, cash management, public expenditure controls, accounting and internal and external audit as well as procurement.

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