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Sudan - Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for North and South Kordofan - Project Appraisal Reports


The objective of the project is to improve households’ livelihoods and resilience against climate variability and change in the project areas through provision of reliable water and sanitation services, including those of nomadic communities. Project outputs include: 1) Water service improvement to address challenges of water shortage in the target areas; 2) Sanitation and hygiene to promote good sanitation and hygiene practices for improved health; and 3) Capacity development aimed at economic empowerment of communities as well as ensuring sustainability of the investment. The project will improve water supply and sanitation service in selected areas of North and South Kordofan states and benefit approximately 435,000 people. The project benefits include: (a) improved reliability of the water and sanitation services; (b) increased water availability for economic activities; and (c) overall improvement of the public health situation.
The project will cost approximately UA 25.218 million, of which UA 16.248 million is in foreign costs and UA 8.970 million is in local costs. The ADF will cover 87.8% of the project costs while the rest will be covered by the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative Trust Fund (RWSSI-TF) and the Government. The project will be implemented over 54 months with a closing date of September 2024.

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