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Sudan - Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to the Preparation of a Full Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - Project Completion Report


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction and economic and social development in the Sudan. The specific objective is to support the preparation of the full-fledged country Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). These objectives are congruent with the Bank’s strategy of support to the Sudan and fulfill the requirements of Pillar III of the FSF that provide resources dedicated to capacity building and technical support to Fragile States. The project is particularly relevant because the country has developed and endorsed an I-PRSP that provides an overview of the poverty situation in Sudan and a statement of commitment by the Government to poverty reduction. As the country embarks on the preparation of a full PRSP as a pre-requisite for Sudan to benefit from the HIPC initiative and to access concessional funding, the project was expected to build the capacity of the Government to collect, analyse and report up-to-date data on household income, consumption and expenditure. Furthermore, the project was intended to enhance government capacity to develop and oversee the process of actualizing the PRSP through the establishment of the necessary oversight institutions and the preparation of backround papers and studies. Additionally the project was to build the capacity of the implementing body to manage the project itself and to oversee the necessary processes that will ensure maximum participation in the preparation, ownership and monitoring of the PRSP

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