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Tanzania - Malagarasi 45MW Hydro Power Project - P-TZ-FAB-004 – RAP Summary


The proposed project involves a Construction of hydropower plant (44.8MW) utilizing Igamba falls stage III with associated facilities, a switch yard at Malagarasi. And construction of about 53km of 132kV overhead transmission line from Malagarasi Hydropower Plant to Kigoma 400/132/33kV substation at Kidahwe,

The proposed project will be located in Uvinza and Kigoma district councils. The hydropower plant is located in Igamba while the transmission line traverses Mazungwe and Kazuramimba in Kazuramimba ward, Kalenge and Mlela in Kandaga ward all in Uvinza District and Kidahwe in Kidahwe ward in Kigoma District.

The proposed Malagarasi Hydropower Plant Stage III was recommended after Malagarasi Stage II was dropped due to environmental concerns. The power plant has been designed to yield a maximum of 44.8MW using maximum water flow of 171m3/s and deliver 186.8 GWh with a plant factor of 0.48. The plant will have 3 generators rated 15.75MW each utilizing a head of 30.5m and unit water flow of 57m3/s.

The transmission line will utilize a 20m wide corridor from Malagarasi switch yard to Mazungwe and 26m wide corridor from Mazungwe to Kidahwe respectively. Two types of towers are being considered mono tubular towers or self-supported lattice steel towers. Both will have concrete foundations.

The project components leading to RAP also involves the construction of graveled access road of about 27 km from the main Kigoma – Uvinza road south to the Malagarasi River Stage III site.

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