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Tanzania - Road sector support project i: The upgrading of namtumbo-tunduru (193 km) and iringa – dodoma road projects (260 km) - Project Completion Report


The project development objective is:
(a) To improve the essential road transport services between Namtumbo and Tunduru Districts, Iringa, Dodoma, Babati and Arusha, and integrate it with the rest of Tanzania and ;
(b) To improve the road transport connectivity between the Central transport corridor in Tanzania with the Northern corridor in Kenya.
The Project road is in line with the development priorities of both the Government of Tanzania (GoT) as highlighted in its National Development Plan (MKUKUTA) and the Government of Zanzibar of prioritising infrastructure development for poverty alleviation and socio-economic development. It is also in compliance with the Bank Group’s Strategy (2013-2022) of promoting economic co-operation, regional integration and multinational infrastructure projects.
Iringa - Dodoma is an essential link between the Southern corridor, Central corridor and Northern parts of Tanzania including Arusha, EAC Headquarters. It connects the north east regions of Tanzania with the south regions. It also connects the National capital, Dodoma, with Northern Tanzania through Babati. The project road is part of Tanzania’s national trunk roads and has an international significance as it forms part of the Great North Road which runs from Cape Town to Cairo through Arusha - Nairobi – Addis Ababa - Khartoum corridor of the Trans – African Highway Network.

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