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Togo -Project To Support The Social Component Rural Electrification Programme Cizo (PRAVOST) - Project Appraisal Report


The project to support the social component of Togo's rural electrification programme (PRAVOST) is a solar electrification project aimed at rural areas as part of the national program, "CIZO". The project’s overarching objective is to strengthen the resilience of approximately 500 rural communities in Togo by improving access to energy for households, community infrastructure and small-scale farms. The project has four components: (a) a social component that includes the electrification of 314 health centers and equipping 122 health centres with solar water heaters, the solar electrification of 400 drinking water supply stations and the deployment of 600 solar irrigation pumps; (b) The electrification of approximately 2000 households by smart mini-grids; (c) the implementation of a PayGo platform for the integration of payments and data collection; and (d) coordination, management and monitoring and evaluation.

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