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Uganda - Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project - Project Appraisal Report


The Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project (KCRRP) is part of a citywide infrastructural improvement program that seeks to meet the Government’s long-term development strategy as outlined in the Government’s Vision 2040, which aims to increase and improve the quality of infrastructure stock to foster transformation of the Uganda’s economy from low income to a more competitive upper middle- income status. The project is aimed at tackling congestion in the city of Kampala through improvement of road network, upgrading of traffic junctions, and enhanced drainage capacity to mitigate flooding on the streets. The KCRRP is aligned with the Uganda CSP (2017-2021) and the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy (2013-2022), in particular two of the Hi-5s operational priorities: “Industrializing Africa” and “Improve Quality of Life for the People of Africa”. The project entails: improvement of 62 kilometres (km) of roads, 123km of non-motorized traffic facilities, provision of street lighting; provision of scheduled eco- bus services with supporting infrastructure (bus depot and dedicated lanes). Complementary initiatives include: Women and youth skills and entrepreneurship development, and institutional support to boost project execution capacity. The project is estimated to cost USD 288 million to be financed by the Bank Group (ADB: 77.8% and ADF: 17.7%), Global Environmental Fund, GEF (0.7%) and Government of Uganda (3.8%). The implementation period is 5 years (2020–2024). The project is expected to benefit at least 1.6 million people including: commuters, businesses, and transporters passing through the city regularly, poised to experience improved transport efficiency.

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