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Zimbabwe - Capacity Building for Public Finance and Economic Management - Project Completion Report


The project sought to address institutional capacity weaknesses brought about by Zimbabwe’s decade of economic decline (1999-2008) which had severely compromised the public sector’s governance and capacity to delivery its core functions. The design of the project was thus informed by 2012 Country Integrated Fiduciary Assessment and the Country Procurement Assessment Review and other diagnostic studies which had identified capacity weaknesses in the Public Finance Management (PFM) system especially in public procurement, internal audit and dilapidated information and communication technology (ICT) and working systems for financial sector stability at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). In addition, the 2012 Mining Sector Policy Study had identified the major challenges facing the sector’s governance system and recommended reforms in the sector’s policies, institutions, and procedures which were factored into the design of the project. The above assessment indicates that the project was relevant to Zimbabwe’s priority developmental needs. However, the project should have identified more activities to address the socio-political challenges of promoting governance in procurement and the mining and minerals sector drawing on the diagnostic studies conducted in these areas in 2012.

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