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Zimbabwe - Olivine Industries Limited - P-ZW-AAG-005 - ESIA Summary


Olivine Industries (Private) Limited is one of the largest consumer goods manufacturing companies in Zimbabwe with its main products being cooking oil, margarine and soaps. The company was established in 1931 and was incorporated in the Wilmar Group in 2017. Olivine Industries is situated 4 km from Harare City Centre. The proposed project is located at Olivine Factory, corner Hall and Birmingham Road, Southerton, opposite BOC Gases in Harare. The site occupies land that measures a total of 4.5 hectares. The site is generally flat at an elevation of 1 473 m. The baseline status of the proposed site is characterized by two major factories that are adjacent to each other, the Soap Factory situated at latlong coordinates of -17.850677; 31.030356 and the Edible Fats Factory situated at -17.850611; 31.030185.

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