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Who are we?

The IRM provides people adversely affected by projects financed by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) with an independent mechanism through which they can request the Bank Group to comply with its own policies and procedures.

The IRM was established on 30 June 2004 by the Enabling Resolution B/BD/2004/9 - F/BD/2004/7 of the Boards of Directors of the AfDB and became operational in 2006, following the appointment of the first Director of the BCRM. This Resolution provided for the review of the experience of the IRM after three (3) years from the date of the effectiveness of the RIM, during when the IRM Director was appointed. Therefore, the performance of the IRM was assessed for the first time in 2009/2010, resulting in the adoption of a new IRM Resolution and Operating Rules and Procedures by the Boards of Directors on 16 June, 2010. This Resolution provided for review of the experience of the IRM every four years or otherwise as decided by the Board. Accordingly, the second review of the IRM took place in 2014/2015 and the current IRM Resolution and the Operating Rules and Procedures were approved by the Board of Directors on 28 January 2015.

The IRM is administered by the Compliance Review and Mediation Unit (BCRM). Investigations are carried out by the Panel of Experts who report to the Boards of Directors.

The Compliance Review and Mediation Unit is the organisational entity of the Bank that administers the IRM. It was established by a Resolution of the Board and headed by a Director. The Director is assisted by professional and support staff.

BCRM maintains the IRM Roster of Experts and provides administrative and technical support to them when they constitute themselves into a compliance review panel when undertaking compliance reviews.

The IRM Roster of Experts comprises three (3) individuals appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the President of the Bank Group. They are selected on the basis of their knowledge of, and exposure to development issues in Africa and the operations of multilateral development banks as well their experience, expertise, integrity and ability to act independently. They constitute themselves into the IRM Panel of Experts to conduct compliance review investigations. They enjoy total independence from Bank Management in their investigations.

The IRM handles requests through;

The IRM performs also an advisory function, consisting of advisory services and spot-check advisory reviews of project compliance.

The compliance review and spot-check advisory reviews of project compliance are undertaken by the IRM Panel of Experts.

BCRM undertakes the problem-solving exercises, advisory services and outreach activities to fulfill its mandate and to contribute to the AfDB's overall objectives.



Consultants may be hired to assist BCRM and the Compliance Review Panels to assist with investigations and fact-finding missions. Consultants with experience in compliance review and problem-solving can send their applications to the BCRM, and register themselves in DACON- a database of Individual Consultants and Consulting Firms maintained by the African Development Bank Group. Register now!