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RQ2017/1 (Senegal)

Project information
Project Name: Blaise Diagne International airport
Country: Senegal
Request Number: RQ2017/1

On 22 September 2017, the Compliance Review and Mediation Unit (BCRM) received the Complaint in Annex 1 relating to the Blaise Diagne International Airport project (AIBD), in Senegal from three nationals of Senegal. The BCRM did a preliminary assessment of the Request based on information gathered during a fact-finding mission to Senegal in October 2017 and further discussions with the Requestors, Management and the project sponsor in November 2017.

Register of Request

Action Date Remarks and attachments
Request received by BCRM 22 September 2017  
Request registered 14 December 2017 Notice of registration
Notice sent to Requestors 15 December 2017  
Notice sent to President 14 December 2017  
Notice distributed to Boards of Directors 14 December 2017  
Notice published on the website 18 December 2017  
Management Response received January 2018 Management Response