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The outreach activities of the BCRM aim to raise awareness of the IRM, and to equip communities affected by the Bank’s financed projects with the information to engage in constructive dialogue with the Bank and, if necessary, to access the IRM to handle their complaints. Training of Bank staff on problem-solving is an essential component of this strategy, especially for the purpose of stimulating institutional learning.

To reach out to local communities affected by Bank-financed projects, the BCRM applies a multi-channel approach, which includes, engaging with Bank staff, CSOs and government representatives who all have direct communication with project affected communities. The instruments developed by the BCRM to raise awareness of the IRM, include customized information materials (i.e. IRM Brochure, CSOs Information Guide, Community Information Kit) and focused thematic workshops and community sessions.

The BCRM emphasizes the importance of CSOs’ engagement in the project cycle, and encourages AfDB staff, project implementation units and government officials to inform project beneficiaries about the IRM. To strengthen its outreach, the BCRM also learns from the experiences of CSOs and other independent Accountability Mechanisms of international finance institutions. The BCRM fine-tunes its strategies continuously so as to align its activities with different stakeholders’ expectations of the IRM as a recourse instrument and as an institutional learning tool.